One Tax Planning Platform, Multiple Solutions

The Zeta® platform serves as the foundation for all our solutions, whether it’s tax saving reimbursements, employee rewards and recognition or corporate cafeteria solutions. The flexibility and versatility of our offerings let you fully digitise the processes involved. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free processes while simultaneously increasing efficiency.

Zeta Tax Benefits

A zero-paperwork and 100% compliant approach to managing employee tax benefits and allowances. Offer your employees more savings and convenience. Managing tax saving reimbursements was never this easy before.

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Zeta Spotlight®

Invest in those invested in your company. Show employees you care with a rewards and recognition solution built on a strong foundation of choice and flexibility. Our Spotlight suite will leave you spoilt for choice in more ways than one.

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Zeta Express®

Trade in crowded cafeterias for relaxed lunch hours. Help your employees add more productive hours to a day with a corporate cafeteria solution that is cashless, transparent, and easy to use. Keep vendors happy through easy and hassle-free settlements.

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The power of choice

The Zeta® payment suite offers your employees three ways to pay that are convenient, secure and flexible. Whether it’s paying online, at the office cafeteria or at a store, it’s easy to pay the Zeta way.

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Digitising your employee tax benefits should be your priority in 2018

Spent most of your working years managing tax saving reimbursements offline? Let 2018 be the year of change. Digitised employee tax benefits are the need of the hour, both for employers and employees. Advancing technology has given corporates the option of breaking free from the shackles of time-taking procedures and manual management of tax-saving employee claims. In the last two years, a lot of corporates in India have jumped onto the digital claims bandwagon. If you haven’t already, make this your 2018’s top work priority.

Can a digital approach to employee appreciation reduce costs?

When was the last time you felt like finding the perfect gift for your employees, whether it was for the festive season or to show employee appreciation. Where you didn’t have to reach out to vendors, compare options and deals, follow up and ensure that the right gift reached the right location, all, while secretly feeling bad that the gift you picked lacked a personal touch. The digital approach to rewards and recognition offers advantages never before imagined.

Tap-and-pay cafeteria solutions have some serious advantages. Check out

Convenience and increased productivity are the main reasons why companies “flock” towards team messengers and online collaboration programmes. It’s high time making payments at the office cafeteria became a lot more convenient and helped improve employee productivity by becoming a faster and more efficient process. Empower your employees with solutions that not only make payments quick and convenient, but also give you reasons to breathe a sigh of relief.