Here’s how Zeta works

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Digital Dashboard

Upload employee details of payout via the dashboard

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Schedule date

Add funds and schedule a date for payout of grants

Instant transfer

Grants received by employees on Zeta account instantly


Digitised reimbursements on Zeta Optima claims suite

Introduce paper-free reimbursement claims for:

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Medical reimbursements

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Fuel allowances

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Driver's salary

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Mobile and data allowances

Leave travel allowance(LTA)

Employee gifts


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Gadget / asset purchase

Happy gains with Optima


No paperwork

Fully digital process to manage and administer benefits

Digital dashboard

Single interface to manage
multiple programmes

Outsource verifications

All claims will be checked and validated by Zeta team

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100% customisable

Preset usage paraments for
every benefit independently

Fully compliant

Enjoy legal compliance with
Income Tax and RBI norms

Digital reports

Access reports / statements
easily in just a click

Digital documents

All claims stored digitally for 8
years–be audit-ready

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Full control

Instant transfer of grants, or
revoke easily

Employees can access all benefits via Zeta app or Zeta Super Card®