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Employees say they would work harder if they were more appreciated
How does Spotlight help you

Infuse a sense of pride in people for your organisation with rewards and recognition. Use Spotlight to build a culture of employee appreciation, rewarding talent and giving a new meaning to the workplace.

employee appreciation

Retain talent
Applaud employees for great

work, bring down attrition

Increase loyalty
Add a sense of pride in your

workforce by rewarding them

Add transparency
Ensure gifting budgets are utilised

effectively with digital records

employee appreciation

Increase engagement
Have a more engaged workforce

with rewards and recognition

Organise R&R
Enjoy advantages of an
solution with no vendors, no logistics

Customise gifting
Enjoy control over gifting programmes
by tailoring them to your needs

The Spotlight family

Choose from our suite of four unique solutions that are tailored for various requirements in rewards and recognition. A 100% digital gifting to card-based solutions, we have all options under one roof. Explore our solutions and enhance your employee appreciation programme.

What makes Spotlight unique

Our unique technology adds an edge to employee rewards and recognition practices in corporations. From enhanced security standards to access to data for better decisions, Spotlight will change employee appreciation programmes in your company.

employee appreciation

Digital process

Create, control and
send gift
orders via one
digital dashboard

employee appreciation

No vendors

Break free from vendor

management and
logistical hassles

employee appreciation


Choose from our suite
of gifting
solutions most
suited to your needs

employee appreciation

Instant transfers

Transfer grants

digitally in the blink
of an eye

employee appreciation


Customise messages and
add personal
touches to
your gift cards/vouchers

employee appreciation


Secure fund transfers
and employee
data with
our encrypted system

employee appreciation

Easy integrations

Enjoy seamless
with your
current R&R platform

employee appreciation

Digital reports

Get data and analytics

on your gifting

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